Who we Are

Our Mission

The mission of Westside Church is to help people take their next step towards Christ.
We do this through Spirit Led Worship, Teaching with Purpose, Encouraging and Serving, Powerful Prayer, and Sharing the Gospel with those around us.

Our Vision

Westside will be a church growing spiritually for Christ, applying the standard of God's perfect Word as the absolute authority over our lives.  We will grow by following Christs example as we embrace all people through the ministries of our heart in worship, our feet walking with other beliebers sharing in fellowship, our head learning God's Word din discipleship, and our hands serving other in ministry through caring, missions, and evangelism.  We will strive with excellence to grow together in Christ.

What We Believe

We believe that Jesus Christ loves you, died for you, and rose from the grave to save you.  We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most essential of all beliefs, and so we proclaim boldly that we worship the resurrected savior, Jesus Christ.

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OUR Leadership

Ed Emmerling

Lead Pastor

Pastor Ed and his wife Reneé have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Reneé works in healthcare administration at a local hospital and has been a nurse for over 30 years. Pastor Ed has been privileged to be Pastor of Westside Church since 2002. Westside Church was begun by Ed’s grandfather in 1955, and is the church Pastor Ed attended from nursery to adulthood. He received a Bachelor of Ministry Degree from Andersonville Baptist Seminary in 2000, and a Master of Ministry Degree from Rockbridge Seminary in 2008.  He vigorously pursues his personal mission statement which says, “Using my strength of casting vision and inspiring others I will be a part of a team in developing innovative and new ministries to impact people with the love of God and the Word of God to help them take their next step toward Christ.”

Mindy Bradow


Mindy and her Husband Jason have been attending Westside Church since 2009. They have 2 beautiful teen daughters and a sweet toddler to keep them young. They stay busy with them and their activities but still find time to serve faithfully in the church in many ministries. Mindy was asked to serve on staff as our administrative assistant. She leads out in our adminstration and oversees our facilities to keeps us running smoothly.

TIM Taipalus

Associate Pastor

Tim and his wife Tammy have been a part of Westside Church Since 2016. They have a heart for the hurting and helping people take another step toward Christ. Beginning in 2019 Tim came on staff to lead our ministry to families and his life experience and testimony have helped him to walk alongside many people in their life transformation through the Gospel. Tammy leads out in our Women’s Ministry and uses her passions and gifts to help ladies in their spiritual journey. Tim is a gifted communicator and is passionate minister of the Gospel. They attend with their son Kendall who has some special needs. He is a blessing to our church in so many ways. They have 3 adult daughters and 1 granddaughter also who are wonderful blessings.

Matt Wagner

Worship Director

Matt and his wife Brooke are a God send to Westside. God sent them here at just the right time. Matt is very talented in creative arts and helps us stay relevant in our worship and technology. He has lead worship all over the US and has several songs and albums recorded and streaming. Matt is also a great communicator and shares God’s Word with us from time to time. Matt is a missionary kid from the Dominican Republic and loves the Lord fully with all his heart. Brooke is a nurse at a local hospital and works in administration. Their 3 kids keep them hopping and are a joy to have in our Westside Kids Quest each week.

Jason Bradow

Associate Pastor

Jason’s family has been attending Westside Church since 2009. He served as a volunteer lay minister until 2019 when he came on staff leading our evangelism and missions ministries. Jason is a skilled craftsman in many construction trades and has a degree in Organizational Management with a minor in Bible. Jason communicates the Gospel in a humble authentic way that causes audiences to let down their guard and listen up. He has a heart to serve God sharing the life changing power that he has experienced with others near and far.